About Mom’s Heating & Cooling

We are on a mission to empower homeowners

We strive to ensure we always pass the Mom Test. But what does that mean? We will never give you advice that we wouldn’t give our own moms. Because, just like moms, we always want to do what’s best for you.

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Our Values

Positive Mental Attitude

We always take a positive outlook and look for the best solutions, even in the toughest situations.

Work Shockingly Hard

Working hard isn’t just a mindset—it’s a lifelong commitment. That’s why we bring drive and dedication to every task we set out to do.

Be World Class

We're a local service quality with world-class quality. We aim to have the best training, the best resources, and the best experience for our customers.

Earn Trust

Trust is earned. Everything we do is built on integrity, transparency, and trust.

Give More Than Expected

The expected is just a baseline. We go above and beyond in work and in life and affect positive change.

How Mom’s Heating Began

Moms know best. Inspired by his own mother, Venice Tabernero dedicated his company to the best mentor in his life. In everything we do, we help guide homeowners through the complicated process of choosing an HVAC system, the actual installation, and all the bumps you might face along the way.

For over 12 years, Venice worked with the biggest HVAC companies in British Columbia, building them into world-class service providers. Throughout those years, he became an authority in the HVAC industry and has personally trained hundreds of technicians, installers, and sales teams.

While helping grow these HVAC businesses, he saw the potential to revitalize the HVAC industry. He started Mom’s Heating to help modernize HVAC installation by using innovative technology, providing better service, and only working with the most qualified HVAC technicians.

We strive to ensure we always pass the Mom Test. But what does that mean? We will never give you advice that we wouldn’t give our own moms. Because, just like moms, we always want to do what’s best for you.


What Our Customers Say

Anna Kwok

My old gas furnace hadn’t been serviced and stayed neglected for years. It needed a tuneup badly; it was dusty and the filter was all clogged up. I called this company in for a maintenance service. I’m impressed with their professionalism. Their efficiency in handling the whole works appears effortless. My tenants reported that their places warmed up instantly after the maintenance. The charge was reasonable too. I would rate their overall performance as excellent.

Lindsay Johnston

Nicest guy and he told me what he was doing as he went  gave me a great price and a discount because I had trouble with a company the day before. I'm gonna use them for my rebuild.

AndyHeeChul Kim

Venice and his team did a great job on installing mini split heat pump. They provided every document and plans that the strata requested. They were very responsive throughout the process.

Adam LeBlanc

Perfect service does not exist.This was a belief I had prior to working with MH&C. To have them accommodate the way they did with their above-and-beyond efforts is truly astonishing. 100% white glove service.I was also quite pleased with super sharp pricing - they literally charged almost half of what i paid previously for a much lesser sevice.  10/10!

Victoir Wu

I can't recommend MOM's Heating & Cooling enough! From start to finish, their service was outstanding. We recently had them to fix our heating system in our office, and the experience was fantastic.

Firstly, their customer service is top-notch. The team was incredibly responsive and accommodating, patiently answering all our questions and providing detailed information about the fix.

The process was seamless. MOM's technicians were punctual, professional, and highly skilled. They worked efficiently and neatly, ensuring everything was installed correctly and explaining the system's features and maintenance requirements thoroughly.

Overall, MOM's Heating & Cooling exceeded our expectations in every aspect. If you're looking for a heating and cooling company that values professionalism, expertise, and customer satisfaction, look no further. They're simply the best! Highly recommended!

Mylene Espinosa

Venice and his crew are some of the finest trades people I have contracted. I would definitely recommend Mom's Heating & Cooling  without any hesitation. This last heat wave would have been awful without them!


Venice did a very good job in installing our heat pump.  They were very professional in terms of their work.  I would recommend Mom’s Heating & Cooling for your next AC unit.  Thank you Venice